The Doubleclicks Sing ‘Rainbow Connection’ and It’s Sweet – Repeat Rotation Video

the doubleclicks the rainbow connection

I’m a huge fan of The Doubleclicks, the nerd/geek sisters musical duo from Portland, Oregon who sing funny, cool and slightly twisted songs, most of which I listen to over and over again on Deezer.

But I have to say I was really surprised today to come across The Doubleclicks singing a fabulous cover of ‘Rainbow Connection‘ which, although it was released back in December, 2014, I somehow managed to miss.

Rainbow Connection’, of course, is the classic song sung by Kermit the Frog in the 1979 film The Muppet Movie. It’s been sung by thousands of artists at this point, but I particularly like The Doubleclicks’ version. It is so sweet, and light, and fits their personalities perfectly.

So, I’m listening to my new discovery, The Doubleclicks’ ‘Rainbow Connection‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video today.

As for The Doubleclicks, if you have missed them, they are the Webber sisters — Aubrey and Angela. Aubrey plays the cello and occasionally sings. Angela is the main vocalist of The Doubleclicks, and she also plays the guitar and the ukulele.

The duo got their start on YouTube back in 2011, but have become even more well known since they started touring the United States with their particular brand of quirky folk songs and humor.

You can find out more about The Doubleclicks on their website, listen to more of their music on YouTube and, of course, buy their latest album President Snakes on any of the digital music platforms online.


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