The Escape of the Seven E9 ratings FALL to almost lowest ever numbers

Photo courtesy SBS TV

There is one big reason why The Escape of the Seven ratings are dropping

The South Korean audience for the ongoing drama The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival saw a fall in ratings last night after Episode 9 aired on SBS TV.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 9 earned just 6.0 percent of the audience share, which is down from its previous episode’s 6.5 percent and equal to the same ratings Episode 1 earned back on September 15th.

Considering the lowest rating the revenge drama earned was 5.6 percent for Episode 5 on September 29th, last night’s rating is not that far from the drama’s lowest ever numbers.

Then again, as the SBS drama now has the exceptionally good Namkoong Min-led drama My Dearest airing opposite it on MBC, there is an easy to see reason why some of its audience has gravitated elsewhere over the last two weekends.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, the SBS drama actually rose slightly in the ratings, grabbing a higher 6.7 percent of the audience share, which is a slight increase from Episode 8’s 6.5 percent.

The Escape of the Seven stars Um Ki Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Joon, Lee Yu Bi, Shin Eun Kyung, Yoon Jong Hoon, Jo Yoon Hee, and Jo Jae Yoon.

Where and when to watch The Escape of the Seven

The next episode of The Escape of the Seven will air on SBS tonight at 22:00 (KST), with Viki and Kocowa streaming it for international viewers around the same time.

With eight more episodes of Season 1 to air, and a second season kicking off next March, let’s see where the drama’s ratings go from here.

My own personal hope is that we see the ratings for the SBS show improve as, while I admit I am not yet past Episode 7, the drama is actually a pretty entertaining watch.

Now, check out the trailer for The Escape of the Seven, Episode 10 via the SBS Drama YouTube channel to see what you can expect tonight.


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