The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 DESTROYS previous ratings with HIGHEST viewership in its run

Photo courtesy JTBC

The Good Bad Mother finale earns highest rating ever for any JTBC Wed/Thurs drama

As you probably expected, the Korean drama series The Good Bad Mother, Episode 14 ended the drama’s run last night with the highest viewership in all 16 episodes.

So much so, The Good Bad Mother also ended up being the highest rated JTBC drama ever aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If that wasn’t fabulous enough, the final episode of the family slice-of-life comedy drama is also now officially #24 on the Top 50 Korean Drama Series Nationwide By Household list, as well as at #25 on the Top 50 Series Per Nationwide Viewers (million) Since 2018 list.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Good Bad Mother, Episode 14 earned 12.03 percent of the audience share nationwide, which was up 1.5 percent from its previous episode.

In Seoul, The Good Bad Mother, Episode 14 garnered an even higher 13.60 percent of the audience, which was 2.51 percent higher than its ratings for Episode 13.

All told, the average rating for every episode of the family drama was 8.15 percent nationwide, and 8.80 percent in Seoul.

Averages that are quite a bit lower than its Episode 14 rating simply because the first episode of The Good Mother only earned a 3.58 percent and a 4.16 percent rating respectively, then climbed rapidly from there.

Where to watch The Good Bad Mother, Episode 14

The Good Bad Mother, Episode 14 is now streaming in most regions worldwide via Netflix.

The drama stars the absolutely superb cast of Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun and Ahn Eun Jin, and kicked off with its first episode on April 26th.

And, just in case you have already forgotten just how wonderful this K-drama is, re-watch one of the best scenes of the Ra Mi Ran-led drama below.


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