The Goodies ‘Funky Gibbon’ – Have to be British to Love it: Repeat Rotation Video

funky-gibbon the goodies


It’s a well known fact we British have a slightly eccentric sense of humor. Which probably explains some of the weird TV shows and songs that become so popular in the UK. TV shows like ‘The Goodies‘ for instance, a TV show from a comedy trio that was one of the hottest shows for ages and, still today, is a cult classic.

As well as the TV series, which ran for 10 years, The Goodies also released a few songs cashing in on their success, but one, ‘Funky Gibbon’, even reached number 4 in the British charts.

Released in 1975, and available on The New Goodies LP, ‘Funky Gibbon’ from The Goodies, aka Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, was one of my favorite songs (okay, I was a little kid), and when The Goodies finally performed ‘Funky Gibbon’ on Top of the Pops, I was ecstatic.

So, I’m playing The Goodies ‘Funky Gibbon‘ for my Repeat Rotation Video because, yeah, I’m in a weird mood today and, nope, no apologies for it.

Come on, it’s classic British music, meant to be really terrible, and so, I think, pretty funny.

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