The Heavenly Idol, Episode 11 ratings still low although slightly higher than previous episode

The Korean romantic fantasy drama The Heavenly Idol, Episode 11 ratings continued to show low numbers of viewers compared to many other dramas airing in the last week.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Heavenly Idol, Episode 11 ratings showed a 1.7 percent share of the audience in Korea nationwide, and a slightly lower 1.6 percent share in Seoul.

Both scores, however, were slightly higher than the drama’s previous ratings of 1.3 percent and 1.5 percent respectively, so that does bode slightly better for the rom-com’s final episode, which airs later on tonight.

The Heavenly Idol stars Kim Min Kyu and Go Bo Gyeol and, while I have not watched past the first five episodes myself as yet (I intend to watch the drama to completion), it is a perfectly entertaining show with decent performances from most of the cast.

The two leads also have great chemistry, it is a fun story and features good music on its soundtrack.

What more could you want, eh?

Viewers outside Korea also seem to be commenting about The Heavenly Idol positively.

Internet forum viewers are primarily being upbeat about the drama, and even users of My Drama List rating it an 8.1 out of 10, with anything above a 7.5 being quite high for that site.

With just one more episode to air then, let’s hope The Heavenly Idol can get back closer to the 3.1 percent and 3.4 percent the drama earned for its first episode back in mid-February.

Outside Korea, you can watch that episode via Viki.


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