The Innocence Mission’s ‘On Your Side’ is fragile, ethereal and beautiful (video)

I have listened to the indie dream pop trio The Innocence Mission since their self-titled very first album release in 1989.

And so that means today is a good day, as a video for The Innocence Mission’s new single release ‘On Your Side‘ just popped up in my YouTube feed.

On Your Side’ is from their upcoming studio album See You Tomorrow.

It will be the trio’s twelfth album, and it promises to be another gorgeous release, with those beautiful, fragile, ethereal melodies and simple but incredibly impactful lyrics we have always loved.

See You Tomorrow will be out on January 17th, 2020. You can already pre-order it via Bandcamp.

And, of course, listen to The Innocence Mission’s ‘On Your Side‘ in the video below.

The Innocence Mission

The Innocence Mission is Karen Peris, Don Peris and Mike Bitts. They started out in 1989 as a quartet, which included drummer Steve Brown, and released three albums in that form.

When Brown left in 1999 to become a chef, however, the remaining trio stayed as such, releasing an additional eight albums together since then.

See You Tomorrow will be their ninth.

See You Tomorrow‘s Tracklist:

1 “The Brothers Williams Said
2 “On Your Side
3 “Movie
4 “We Don’t Know How To Say Why
5 “St. Francis And The Future
6 “At Lake Maureen”
7 “John As Well”
8 “This Boat
9 “Mary Margaret In Mid-Air
10 “Stars That Fall Away From Us
11 “I Would Be There

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