The Kidnapping Day, E10 earns K-drama HIGHEST EVER ratings with just 3 episodes to air

To say I am thrilled the Korean drama The Kidnapping Day is continuing to grab a larger and larger share of the audience in its time slot would be an understatement.

After all, this ENA drama is one of the best ongoing K-dramas, and one that started off with a very low rating of just 1.83 percent nationwide when it premiered on September 13th, only to see it earn higher ratings over its first episode with every new episode released.

Last night’s episode, The Kidnapping Day, Episode 10 also continued that trend to earn the drama its highest rating yet.

The Kidnapping Day, Episode 10 earns ENA drama its highest ever ratings

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen Korea, The Kidnapping Day, Episode 10 aired on ENA in South Korea to record ratings nationwide.

Those ratings were 4.26 percent of the audience share, which is an increase from its previous episode’s 4.17 percent.

In Seoul, Episode 10 actually dropped slightly from 4.43 percent to 4.34 percent, but such a tiny drop it is inconsequential.

Particularly as the drama is performing even better in Seoul than nationwide.

The ratings in both regions also placed The Kidnapping Day, Episode 10 in first place on cable TV for the day.

With just three episodes of the Yoon Kye Sang, Park Sung Hoon, Yu Na-led drama still to air before we get that desperately-awaited conclusion to this superb story, Episode 11 will air on ENA at 21:00 (KST) tonight, with Amazon Prime Video airing it for those of us outside South Korea.


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