The Kidnapping Day Ep 1 earns average ratings but likely to SKYROCKET as the drama is SUPERB

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The first episode of ENA’s The Kidnapping Day is a very pleasant surprise

The new Korean black comedy drama The Kidnapping Day premiered last night on ENA earning quite average ratings but, with a premise, plot and performances so good, I have a feeling this one will skyrocket in the ratings as it continues to air.

The drama stars Yoon Kye Sang, Park Sung Hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin Rok, Kim Sang Ho, Seo Jae Hee, and Kang Young Seok, and tells the story of a desperate father who kidnaps a girl so that he can demand a ransom from her rich parents to pay for his own daughter’s life-saving operation.

Nationwide in South Korea last night, The Kidnapping Day, Episode 1 earned an average-for-the-first-episode 1.833 percent of the audience share, with a slightly higher 1.84 percent in Seoul.

The ratings in both regions placed the drama in 4th place on cable TV.

Comments about The Kidnapping Day, Episode 1

Outside South Korea, the 12-episode ENA drama is being streamed in select regions via Amazon Prime Video, and with viewers beginning to rate it on sites like My Drama List and IMDB.

So far, comments on My Drama List are very positive with several viewers stressing they did not expect the black comedy to be as good as it appears it will be.

Comments range from:

This one is fabulous. Interesting premise, great cast with superb performances so far, and very funny in parts. Looking forward to how this develops.


This is a comedy😂 Glad they balance sad moments with funny moments. Hooked already.

The second episode of The Kidnapping Day airs on ENA later on tonight, with Amazon Prime Video now streaming the K-drama in all global territories excluding Korea and mainland China.

You can watch the official The Kidnapping Day trailer below.


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