The Killing Vote E12 ends K-drama with SOLID 3.5 percent average rating per episode

Photo courtesy SBS TV

The Killing Vote finale survives disastrous scheduling to emerge with strong average ratings per episode

Considering the Korean drama The Killing Vote was one of the many dramas that have seen several episodes postponed due to sporting events airing in their slots, it is amazing to me The Killing Vote, Episode 12 finale still aired last night on SBS TV to strong ratings.

Even more amazing is that the ratings for the final episode of the Korean crime drama earned the series a solid 3.5 percent average rating per episode.

According to date from Nielsen Korea, The Killing Vote, Episode 12 aired to a 3.1 percent rating nationwide, which combined with the ratings for previous episodes gave the K-drama a solid average of 3.5 percent per episode.

In Seoul, The Killing Vote, Episode 12 aired to its lowest ever rating of 2.9 percent, which was quite a drop from its previous episode’s 3.7 percent.

Even so, the Park Hae Jin-led drama also ended up with a strong 3.5 percent average rating per episode in that region as well.

The Killing Vote ratings outside South Korea

Other than being incredibly frustrated with the K-drama’s episode postponements throughout its run, international viewers seemed to enjoy the drama immensely.

So much so, almost 14,500 viewers over on the Asian drama focused My Drama List are rating the series with a very-good-for-that-site 8.1 out of 10 rating.

Comments about The Killing Vote, Episode 12 are also predominantly positive.

The Killing Vote stars Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Lim Ji Yeon in the main roles, with the excellent supporting cast of Shin Jung Geun, Go Geon Han, Oh Ha Nee, Kim Yoo Mi, Choi Yu Hwa, Kim Kwon and Kwon Do Hyung.

The 12-episode drama is now streaming in full via Amazon Prime Video.

If you have not yet begun watching The Killing Vote, and enjoy a well-written, well-acted and suspenseful crime drama, it is well worth a watch.


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