The Lumineers ‘Angela’ Video Continues Story of ‘Cleopatra’


Colorado folk rock band The Lumineers has released the video for their new single ‘Angela‘. It is the third single from the band’s sophomore album Cleopatra. The video also continues on from the one released for their first singleCleopatrain July, as we follow the young pregnant woman who caught Cleopatra’s taxi in the first video.

In an interview, the band has said ‘Angela‘ is about a woman from a small town who is trying to escape her past.

This new video plays that out, showing a woman waking up beside her husband, getting dressed and leaving. It’s then that we see she is pregnant, and she is heading towards a motel where she checks in alone.¬†She wakes up later on, sees Cleopatra’s taxi in the parking lot and leaves with her.

The assumption is Cleopatra and Angela are the same person. Just at different points in their lives.

The Lumineers’ album Cleopatra was released in April, and is available on all major digital music platforms now.

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