The Moniker’s ‘I Failed Myself But I Failed You More’ is a Beautiful Stripped Down Folk Song

The Moniker I Failed Myself But I Failed You More

A couple of months ago, I was gushing about Swedish singer songwriter The Moniker’s new track ‘Life is Life, a song I listened to on a daily basis for weeks after I wrote about it, as I loved it that much. But now I’ve got another The Moniker track I like just as much. His latest release ‘I Failed Myself But I Failed You More‘.

It is the seventh song he has released from his second album Don’t Fly Too High, and it has a completely different feel to ‘Life is Life‘, which is more of an anthem pop song.

‘I Failed Myself But I Failed You More‘, on the other hand, is a stripped down folk song that begins with a sound of waves and seagulls that are soon overlapped with a pretty guitar.

It is a song that works beautifully with The Moniker’s lovely voice, particularly when the chorus arrives accompanied by a mournful harmonica and a melancholy cry.

Listen to it in the Deezer widget below, pick up ‘I Failed Myself But I Failed You More‘ on iTunes, and then make a mental note to listen to it again every day on Deezer as well. I plan to.


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