The Most Beautiful Conchita Wurst Instagram Photos of 2015

conchita compilation photos
She doesn’t have a single photograph on her Instagram account that isn’t beautiful.

This morning I’m off raiding Conchita Wurst’s Instagram account. Because, not only does she have one of the prettiest accounts on the service, but this article I wrote a month after I first knew she even existed has been popping up on Leo Sigh’s ‘Most Read Articles’ list all week. That means it’s definitely time for an update.

So here are Conchita Wurst’s most beautiful Instagram photographs of 2015. In my opinion. In the order in which she put them up.

truely in LOVE with you #LA 💋

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This…it’s the perfect photo. Just look at those incredible eyes with that far off dream-away look, the flawless beard, the thick, tousled hair with the hand just casually touching it, and the beautiful lips slightly parted giving this photo a slightly sexual feel…but in such a lovely innocent way.

I have seen tens of thousands of photos of Conchita Wurst at this point, and no, that’s not an exaggeration. But this will always be one of my favorites, because it is pure and absolute artistry.

Wishing you all a #fabulous evening! ❤️ you! #theunstoppables A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

One thing I have always loved about Conchita Wurst is how naturally happy she seems. She’s one of those lovely people who always looks for the best in everything, finds so many things incredibly funny, and laughs this big, joyful, loud laugh that makes you just laugh right along with her.

Which is why I love this Instagram photograph so much, as it’s so honest and real.

When I met her, I loved how she found some of the things I said screamingly funny, laughing with this burst of enormous energy while clapping her hands together in delight. After all, she is incredibly intelligent, and so mature for her age, then up pops this absolute unveiled childlike joy with no attempt to hide it, and it makes you love her even more.

Besides, that I can make Conchita Wurst laugh, you have no idea how much I like that.

Happy #valentinesday to #theunstoppables ❤️❤️

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This because it’s beautiful. And because she has the most amazing eye for detail and knows what makes a photograph so perfect.

Miss you already #Barcelona ❤️ #theunstoppables A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

The hairstyle is everything. Chic, elegant, and those tendrils show off her big eyes and gorgeous neck, and are so so romantic. Sadly, this sexy loose chignon style emerged only once, on a trip to Barcelona, and has not been seen since.

@jchoerl ❤️

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It’s JCHOERL, who dresses her like no-one else, and who always makes her look elegant, superbly stylish and beautiful. And this photograph is so perfectly posed and has such an Audrey Hepburn feel about it, it’s just lovely.

spontaneous shoot in the shower 🛁 styled by @thomas.reinberger hair by @mattmorganofficial ❤️ A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

This is my ‘I sometimes look at things differently because of Conchita Wurst‘ photograph because, when this first went up, I detested it on sight.

But..that’s the thing with Conchita. When you look at what she does long enough, and move beyond the initial feelings of distaste, you can see a photograph like this for what it really is. An attempt to provoke the viewer into stepping away from what they think something is, and instead look at what actually is.

And this one is beautifully done. Because, at first glance, it’s the image of someone who is weak. The short, wet hair almost but not quite covering that haunted, sad look in her eyes. The hands almost embarrassingly covering her non-existent breasts, and that impossibly tight corset pushing up her rib cage until she looks hollow and deformed. And in pain.

But look more closely, and that haunted look becomes a bit more defiant. Those hands, covering nothing more than nipples, are powerful and sinewed, and could pack an almighty punch if she ever actually wanted to. And that corset is proving she can handle a little pain. She’s strong. And pain does nothing but make her even stronger.

Which is why this is also my ‘Conchita testing my boundaries‘ photograph, and forcing me to push past what sometimes makes me uncomfortable, to see the beauty and the strength beyond. After all, isn’t that what great artists should do?

#Sweat ? I couldn’t care less! It was amazing!!! Thx #PrideCologne #theunstoppables ❤️❤️❤️

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😂😂😂 i Love #latex though ❤️ #PrideCologne #theunstoppables A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

Conchita clothed in tight-fitting latex, standing on a stage in Cologne in forty fucking degrees, dripping a mixture of sweat and lube, and luxuriating in every possible second of it.

Because there’s something so freeing about being at the mercy of the elements, and having to surrender your body to how it’s going to react when exposed to that kind of heat. Even if it is a river of sweat.

Mix that with the roar of that enormous crowd and the adrenalin rush of performing, and she must have felt like she could fly.

❤️❤️❤️ #royalblack @veroniqueleroyofficiel @bjornborg #theunstoppables

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She’s sex on a stick. And all you need to know.

Let’s go #ibiza 🎉 in Love with @_luis.carvalho_ A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

Legs. Legs. And did I mention legs?
That gorgeous Luis Carvalho dress is stunning on her, she looks like an Italian model and I love that, when you look behind her in photographs in hotel rooms, you get the feeling when on the road she lives in a bit of a mess. Rumpled sheets, things thrown on the floor, and her sat in the middle of it — perfect.


A photo posted by conchitawurst (@conchitawurst) on

I chose this as one of Conchita Wurst’s most beautiful Instagram photographs of 2015 because it tells me a lot about her.

That she sees the beauty in things others may not.

The old pots with the enamel chipped off and slightly rusting. The loveliness of the various shades of blue, nothing matching but everything together creating the perfect group. The feeling that this picture gives off as if it’s from someone who values friends and family, and that time spent around them eating and drinking and talking and laughing should be treasured more than anything.

And that things that are well-worn and well-used are often far more valuable than those that are shiny and new.

Conchita at the Sydney Opera House realizing for the first time she will soon be singing there. On one of the world’s most iconic stages, and in a venue most other artists could only dream about.

And it’s that childlike wide-eyed look on her face and the feeling I get of her being slightly overwhelmed I love here. Because, with all that elegance and glamour and gorgeousness, you sometimes forget how young she still is, and how still new to all this fame and adoration.

Michelle Topham