The Ophelias ‘General Electric’ sounds like a sweet love song then you realize…it’s not

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The Ophelias ‘General Electric‘ is deceptively happy sounding, but quite a bit more melancholic

Cincinnati-based rock quartet The Ophelias have an upcoming new album releasing soon and, as a prelude, the all-girl indie baroque pop band released their second track from it this week.

Called ‘General Electric‘, the song is a pop song with an addictive beat, a moody melody and gorgeous instrumentation and one that is deceptively happy sounding.

Because, at first listen, you may think ‘General Electric‘ is another indie love song about girl loves boy. Listen to the lyrics a bit more closely, though, and you could pick up that this song is actually about love from afar. An infatuation of someone who, for all intents and purposes, may not even know the woman exists.

Fun always comes at a cost. You’re down on your luck. I’m taking the blame as always. When your cannons misfire. I wanna be like the girls you like, I wanna be what you fantasize”.

General Electric‘ is from The Ophelias upcoming new 10-track album Almost. It is the second album from the band, and a follow up to their 2015 release Creature Native. (Listen to that album in the Spotify widget below).

Almost is due for release on the Joyful Noise record label on July 13th, and will be available on LP/CD/Cassette/Digital. The LP also comes with a couple of interesting color choices.

If you are itching to get your hands on their music now, though, you can pre-order it from Joyful Noise, and get both their first single ‘Fog‘ and ‘General Electric‘ right away.

The Ophelias are bassist Grace Weir, guitarist and lyricist Spencer Peppet, percussionist Micaela Adams, and violinist Andrea Gutmann Fuentes. Four women who each used to be the token girl in four Cincinnati bands.

Then they met, realized playing together would be far more fun than playing apart and, voila, The Ophelias was born.

If you like what you’ve heard of The Ophelias so far (and I definitely do!), and happen to be in California, Oregon or Washington in July, they have the upcoming four tour dates:

07/16 Los Angeles, California
07/19 Seattle, Washington
07/20 Portland, Oregon
07/22 San Francisco, California

You can also find out more about the band on their Facebook page.

Now listen to The Ophelia’s ‘General Electric‘ and also give ‘Fog‘, the first single from the album, a listen below that.

The band’s intricate instrumentation is gorgeous, I love how pushed to the front and clear Spencer Peppet vocals are, and their sound is quite unique. In other words, The Ophelias are definitely a band to watch.

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