The Ramones ‘California Sun’ featured on ‘The X-Files’ Season 11 and it’s rockin’

The Ramones ‘California Sun‘ featured on The X-Files Season 11

The Ramones cover of the 1961 Joe Jones song ‘California Sun‘ was featured on The X-Files, Season 11, Episode 2, “This” last night (Wednesday, January 10th, 2018) — the second of a total of 10 new episodes.


The track was played during the opening scene as three men attempt to break into the house where Scully and Mulder are sleeping.

It continues to play during the subsequent shootout.

California Sun‘ then showed up again later on in the episode when Mulder and Scully are in the diner.

The second time the song plays, however, it is the 1964 version recorded by rock and roll band The Rivieras, which you can also listen to below.

A slightly more upbeat version of the track, and the most popular cover version of the song to date.

The Ramones cover of the track was originally released in 1977 on the band’s album Leave Home.

It was re-released on an anthology album Anthology: Hey Ho Let’s Go! just over 20 years later in 1999, and was also featured in Jackass: The Movie.

Listen to it below.

The song is a bit wilder and crazier than The Rivieras offering, but no less cool or fun.

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