The Real Conchita Wurst or Why You Should Look Beyond the Surface

NOTE: before I get started ….I’m using this photo from one of Conchita’s latest tweets to illustrate this article, as every time I look at it, I think “How could you NOT love someone this darned sweet?”

My brain goes a mile a minute when it comes to Conchita Wurst as, frankly, I find her fascinating. Not just because she is an immense talent voice-wise, but also because of her personality and character.

That’s why, when I see the nasty comments so many thoughtless people leave on articles and videos across the internet when it comes to Conchita Wurst, my brain finds that kind of evil intent difficult to comprehend.

After all, when you can do so much good in the world, why would you choose to spread so much hate?

Look beyond the surface

And this. It got me thinking. Because, I believe, what causes people to say the awful things they do is an inability to see beyond the surface of a person. An inability to see who a person is — their character and their ‘soul’, if you will, that makes them who they are

So here is what I really don’t ‘get’ when it comes to Conchita Wurst and, of course, to Tom Neuwirth, the gorgeous boy behind her.

If most people spent just a fraction of the time they spend hating her, looking beyond the beard, the lashes and the dress, they would see a person who, not only would never treat them the way they treat her, but has one of the most beautiful ‘souls’ of anyone they would ever meet.

I’ve never met her, but I would bet every penny I will ever make for the rest of my life on that last statement. Why?

Open your eyes and look at her

Because when I see her in interviews, and I ignore the exterior ‘stuff’, and instead concentrate on the actual person coming through, I can’t understand how anyone could not see her. See her for who she really is, I mean.

Or how anyone could want to hurt someone as lovely as that.

The kind, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, interesting, sweet and charming person who treats everyone with respect.

The person who gets up every day and tries to make the world a better place.

The person who loves her friends and family so fiercely I know with absolute certainty she would walk through fire for any one of them. And, no matter what happens to her as her fame grows, she will never turn away from them or let them down. That’s not who she is.

The person who appreciates every single compliment she gets (doesn’t believe half of them, but appreciates them anyway).

The person who loves all of her fans simply because they love her, and the person who is so worried about people having ‘expectations’ of her, she works extra hard so she never lets them down.

And, of course, the person who just got catapulted into an intensity of fame she never expected. Yet has dealt with it all with incredible professionalism, amazing choices, and with absolute gratitude for everything coming her way. Because that girl, she will never take any of it for granted.

If you just spent a few minutes trying to see that person (and she’s so easy to see once you try), I guarantee your thoughts about Conchita Wurst – beard, dress and all – would never be the same.

The ‘perfect’ Conchita Wurst

So is Conchita Wurst this perfect person you should idolize?

God, no. Sometimes she’s as irritating as the next person (sorry, Conchita, but you are 🙂 ).

She is, however, someone who, in the six months I have known about her, I have never been bored with, never been angry with, and always loved to distraction — (even though, if I never hear “you don’t have to love me” again, I’d be the world’s happiest camper). And, if you knew me, you’d know how rare that is, and how rare she must be, because, honestly, I have a problem with half the planet.

No. All I’m saying is this.

Stop taking the easy way out. Stop looking at the beard, the wig, the lashes and the dress (although I have to admit, I can’t, as she’s just so darned pretty). Stop making nasty judgments. Stop making hateful comments about a person you haven’t bothered to spend more time on than it takes to see the beard and the dress, and decide “Freak”.

And for God’s sake, stop being one of the sheeple. Because aren’t you better than that?

Look at her for the person she is inside, for how she thinks, acts, and behaves, and listen to what she says.

She has the most remarkable opinions on everything from music to social issues and, if you pay attention, she will introduce you to things and ways of thinking you’ve never really thought about before. Things that will enrich your life, and make you a better and more interesting person.

And if you look at her character, her morals and how she treats others, she may even make you want to work harder to be as kind of a person as she is.

No, I’m not asking you to love her as much as I do (although I’d like it if you did). All I’m saying is don’t cut yourself off from getting to know more about her, because she really is phenomenal.

And because, regardless that fewer abusive comments aimed in her direction will make her an even happier person (and God knows, I’d like that), getting to know her, the real Conchita Wurst, will make you a happier person too.

Life should be all about new experiences, new things and, above all, new people. And her? If you want your life to improve, and yourself to grow as a person, then she is one of the best people that you could possibly ever get to know.


Finally, Conchita’s newest single ‘Heroes‘ talks about everyone being able to make small decisions every day that can cause them to be a ‘hero. Why not make the decision to give Conchita Wurst a closer look as your ‘hero’ action of the day?

Because, if that would cause you to think twice about the things you say about her, or anyone else who is ‘different’, from now on — that would make you a hero in my book. And probably hers.

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