The Real Has Come Ep 46 ratings RISE close to HIGHEST again with just 4 episodes to air

The family drama The Real Has Come, Episode 46 ratings rose last night close to the show’s highest yet again.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Real Has Come, Episode 46 increased to a huge 23.3 percent, which is more than 2.0 percent higher than the drama’s previous episode (21.0 percent).

In Seoul, the drama saw a similar 2.0 percent-plus ratings increase over its previous episode with last night’s 21.8 percent audience share compared to Episode 45’s rating of 19.7 percent.

With only four episodes to air before the 50-episode drama ends on September 10th, it is also likely The Real Has Come will maintain its superb ratings for the rest of its run.

The next episode of The Real Has Come will air on KBS2 in South Korea on Saturday evening, September 2nd at 19:55 (KST).

The drama is now streaming for international viewers via Viki and on Kocowa.

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