The Real Has Come Episode 7 audience still as strong as preceeding six episodes

The Real Has Come Episode 7 audience doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

The ongoing KBS2 drama The Real Has Come, Episode 7 continued with its superb ratings last night by grabbing 18.3 percent of the nationwide audience in South Korea, and 16.3 percent in Seoul.

That placed the drama firmly in first place nationwide, and in second place in Seoul.

The strong The Real Has Come, Episode 7 audience numbers continue on from what the romantic comedy family drama has been experiencing since its first episode premiered on March 25th.

At that point, it earned 17.7 percent and 16.3 percent of the audience and, in the six episodes since then, that audience has not only not fallen, on some nights it has markedly increased.

What is The Real Has Come?

The Real Has Come is a 50-episode weekend melodrama starring Ahn Jae Hyun, Baek Jin Hee, Kim Sa Kwon, Jung Eui Jae and Cha Joo Young.

The drama follows obstetrician and gynecologist Gong Tae Kyung who is being forced into an arranged marriage with a woman he does not want to marry, and Oh Yeon Doo, a language instructor who finds out her long-time boyfriend is cheating on her right around the time she also discovers she is pregnant.

Tae Kyung and Yeon Doo meet in less than ideal circumstances, but soon realize they might be able to help each other get more control over their own lives.

All they have to do is get married. To each other.

The Real Has Come airs on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday at 19:55 (KST) in South Korea, and on Viki for international audiences.

With The Real Has Come, Episode 7 audience numbers being so strong, let’s see how well tonight’s episode is able to keep them.


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