The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Ep 11 earns SMALLEST audience since its premiere

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 11 audience shrinks again

The ongoing South Korea period drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 11 aired last night, with the series earning its smallest audience since it premiered on the SBS network on March 2oth.

Nielsen Korea ratings for the episode show the drama’s audience falling .5 percent from its previous episode, with its nationwide numbers a 3.2 percent, which is down from its 3.7 percent for Episode 10.

In Seoul, the decrease was even larger with The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 11 falling from a solid 4.0 percent for the tenth episode to 3.3 percent for Episode 11.

What do international viewers think about Oasis?

Outside South Korea, however, the international audience not only seems to be sticking with it but is also continuing to rate it favorably.

At least if the My Drama List and Viki ratings are anything to go by.

On My Drama List, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse has a high-for-that-website rating of 8.2 out of 10.

On Viki the romantic comedy drama has been consistently rated a 9.5 out of 10.

Even the number of people dropping the drama on My Drama List are quite a bit lower than those of many other similar dramas.

Meanwhile, most comments about the drama seem to be in the realm of one of the latest by one commenter:

I just picked this up again and couldn’t help but binge till ep 11. All the revelations 😮 Great story so far and I hope for a happy ending for all the couples!

With seven more episodes to go though, (yes, this is an 18-episode drama), there is still time for the period drama to turn its The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 11 numbers around with Korean audiences.

At this stage, most western viewers are likely to remain loyal.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 12 airs later on tonight on SBS, with the episode showing up on Viki for international audiences soon after.

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