The Swell Season’s ‘Into The Mystic’ Featured in ‘Bones’ – TV and Movie Music (Video)


The Swell Season’s ‘Into The Mystic‘ was recently featured in ‘Bones

The Swell Season was an Irish folk rock duo comprising the incredible singer-songwriter and guitarist Glen Hansard and pianist Markéta Irglová (they of the gorgeous film ‘Once‘). They broke up in 2009, after their romantic relationship went south, but The Swell Season’s music is still used in TV shows and movies.

One of the latest songs to be used in a movie was The Swell Season’s ‘Into The Mystic‘, which appeared in the 2012 movie ‘The Five-Year Engagement’ starring Judd Apatow and Emily Blunt.

It resurfaced again last week in Season 10 of the TV series ‘Bones‘, in episode 22 – ‘The Next in the Last‘.

‘Into The Mystic’, of course, wasn’t written by Glen Hansard or Markéta Irglová. It’s an iconic Van Morrison song from his album ‘Moondance‘.

Now, Van Morrison’s original version is one of my favorite songs, well, ever. But I do still like The Swell Season’s version of the track. It’s much more melancholic.

Listen to The Swell Season play ‘Into The Mystic‘ in the video below. Isn’t that lovely?


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