The Walton Hoax Remix of Crywolf’s ‘Anachronism’ Is Dreamy (Video)

crywolf the walton hoax remix

I have been promoting Echo Park singer Crywolf’s music quite a lot lately, because his compositions are beautiful and his voice is lovely. He also releases a large number of songs or remixes of his songs other musicians have done, so there is always something new to listen to even when he doesn’t have anything new out.

Case in point, The Walton Hoax Remix of Crywolf’s ‘Anachronism‘. It’s far less jarring musically. Far more dreamy. And one of the best remixes of his songs that has been released so far.

Listen to it in the video below. And download it for free on Soundcloud.

And, if you like this remix, check out Bassnectar’s remix of Crywolf’s ‘Rising, Rising. It’s equally beautiful.

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