The War on Drugs ‘A Deeper Understanding’ first UK Top 10 album for the U.S. rock band

The War on Drugs‘ new album A Deeper Understanding has hit the number 3 spot on the United Kingdom’s Official Albums Chart Top 100, making it the U.S. rock band’s first UK Top 10 album.

The band is also in the number 2 position for both independent Record Store Chart Top 40 Albums and Vinyl Albums Top 40 in the same country.

No surprise there, though, as The War on Drugs’ fourth studio album A Deeper Understanding is 1980s-style rock music at its finest.

Because as Spin’s Jordan Sargent says about the album, “It’s not just that A Deeper Understanding is one of the best rock albums in years, but that the music itself is so expansive and enveloping that it feels like it should be everywhere”.

And I would add “and in any time”.

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As, yes, on this album it is The War on Drugs’ Adam Granduciel producing music that would be just as at home in Philadelphia in 1986 as it is here in Vienna in 2017. Music that is rich, mellow, relaxing and almost comforting in its loveliness, even with its driving beats, insistent guitars and intense need to be heard.

Watch The War on Drugs’ ‘Holding On‘ official music video below and just listen to that beat, those guitars and Granduciel’s plaintive voice. It kills me.

You can buy A Deeper Understanding on most major digital music sites.

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