The War On Drugs ‘Nothing To Find’ video proves you can love someone different than yourself

The just released music video for The War On Drugs ‘Nothing To Find‘ proves it is just as possible to love someone that is completely different from you in every way, as it is to love someone who is the same.

In this case, the love is between a young runaway and a creature made from leaves, sticks and moss, who travel around the country in a leaf and moss covered car, stopping off to play pool, steal snacks for her and water for him, and generally live a life of complete freedom.

But, just like many nature-based entities, the lush greenness does not last long before the creature begins to turn brown and eventually die, returning to the earth from where he came.

The girl then wraps herself in a blanket and goes to sleep near his grave. The morning afterwards, she wakes up to find a fresh, green leaf shoot wrapped around her arm, as if it is her friend saying he has not left her.

Nothing To Find‘ is from The War On Drugs latest album A Deeper Understanding. An album that has been enormously successful for the Philadelphia-based band, earning accolades from critics and a number one spot on the album chart in Belgium, and appearing in the top 10 in 15 other countries including the U.S. where it hit the number two position on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart and on the Top Alternative Albums chart.

Watch The War On Drugs’ music video for ‘Nothing To Find‘ below.¬† The video stars actress¬†Sophia Lillis, and a man in a leaf costume, and it’s really quite beautiful.

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