The War on Drugs’ ‘Strangest Thing’ a slow-dancingly sweet song that builds into an intensity of vocals and sound

The War on Drugs’ ‘Strangest Thing‘ is a slow-dancingly sweet song that builds into a crescendo of sound

American indie rock band The War on Drugs hasn’t released an album in over three years. Not since their Lost in the Dream in early 2014. So to now have the band releasing their third single from their upcoming new album A Deeper Understanding in as many months, I have to admit is kind of exciting. Especially when it is as hopeful as this one is.

And I say hopeful because this third track from the new album is called ‘Strangest Thing‘ and is the first track lead singer Adam Granduciel says he wrote when he was first tossing ideas around for what the new music would sound like.

And it’s a six and a half minute song that starts off mellow and slow-dancingly sweet and then builds into a crescendo of vocals and music that is quite gorgeous.

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Along with the release of their new album, the band is also kicking off a two-month tour in September, with the first concert being held in Portland, ME on September 18th and the last on November 29th in Antwerp, Belgium.

You can check all their concert dates and get tickets for any not already sold out from The War on Drugs’ website.

A Deeper Understanding is  the fourth studio album for the band, and is the first of two albums The War on Drugs is releasing with new label Atlantic Records. It’s due to be released on August 25, 2017, and is currently available for pre-order.

Now listen to The War on Drugs’ ‘Strangest Thing‘ in the video below. As someone said in the track’s YouTube comments, “I was searching for porn, but this is much better.”

I’ll say.

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