The White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ played on Rick and Morty S7 E2 as Rick and Jerry shoot the space gangsters

American alternative rock duo The White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going To Be Friends‘ was the song playing over the Rick and Morty end crdits this week — Rick and Morty, Season 7, Episode 2, “The Jerrick Trap“.

The song also played earlier on in the episode as Rick and Jerry start a shootout in the restaurant full of space gangsters.

It ends when Rick manages to kill one space gangster by running through him with his conehead.

When was The White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going To Be Friends‘ released?

The upbeat and almost innocent-sounding ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ was the perfect accompaniment to that silly shootout scene, with White Stripes‘ vocalist Jack White insisting they will be friends, while Rick and Jerry are killing everyone.

The song itself was released by the duo (aka Jack White and Meg White) as a promo single for their third studio album White Blood Cells.

It came out in late 2002, and tells the story of a young boy and girl who become friends as they play in the dirt, catch bugs and walk to school together:

Fall is here, hear the yell
Back to school, ring the bell
Brand new shoes, walking blues
Climb the fence, books and pens
I can tell that we are gonna be friends

The song also came with a music video, a very low-budget one, that was shot in one-take and simply has Jack playing guitar and singing while Beth lies on the sofa next to him sleeping.

He then nudges her awake as he finishes singing.

Listen to The White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going To Be Friends‘ as heard on Rick and Morty in the shootout, and over the end credits.

Even with it being so simple and sweet a song, it still has over 120 million streams on Spotify alone. Maybe that’s why.


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