They Might Be Giants Releases ‘Glean’ – Listen to ‘End of the Rope’ (Video)

they might be giants glean

They Might Be Giants releases ‘Glean’, celebrate by watching ‘End of the Rope

American alternative rock band They Might Be Giants has a new album that just released today (tomorrow in the US). Called ‘Glean’, it consists of 16 songs pulled from the band’s Dial-A-Song service, including the fabulous ‘End of the Rope‘.

Now, if you’re a TMBG fan, like I am, you’ll know their Dial-A-Song service was something they implemented decades ago before they even had a record deal.

It was a gimmick whereby the band wrote a new track every week, and then recorded it to an answering machine. Fans could then call into a particular phone number and listen to the song. (I used to call it when I was a radio DJ and played They Might Be Giants on almost every one of my shows, and I was always astounded at their innovation and how prolific they were).

During the years the band did this, they released over 500 original songs.  The service stopped in 2008, but TMBG resurrected it in early 2015, going one step further to not only release a new song every week but also a new video with it. Now that’s dedication, and a true love for the music you create.

As for their new album ‘Glean‘ it consists of some of the songs they have been uploading to Dial-A-Song, now accessible from a website in 2015, and every track is wonderful.

One of them is this awesome track, ‘End of the Rope‘. Listen to it below and, of course, grab the entire ‘Glean‘ album plus a lot of very cool extras from their website.


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