Thomas David’s ‘Sit On Top’ is Catchy, Fun and A Cool Summer Song — Repeat Rotation Video

I was reminded of Austrian singer songwriter Thomas David’s song ‘Sit On Top‘ this morning when I saw a friend on Facebook was going to his album release party and concert at Porgy and Bess in Vienna tomorrow night. A concert I would have loved to have gone to, if tickets weren’t sold out and I didn’t have a hacking cough.

So, I decided ‘Sit On Top‘ was a good song to choose as my Repeat Rotation Video today. Seeing as how it’s an upbeat and happy song that reminds me of summer and, with Vienna’s weather finally starting to warm up, I was definitely in the mood for it.

David’s ‘Sit On Top‘ is from his 2013 debut album Able. An album that did very well here in Austria, and a single that is still played all the time on Vienna radio.

Now David is in the process of releasing his second album. Called ” To Love“, the album will be kicked off with the start of his concert tour at Porgy and Bess tomorrow night, followed by eight other dates around Austria, and ending up in Aflenz on June 10th. You can check out the dates for Thomas David’s ‘To Love‘ tour on his Facebook page if you would like to grab tickets.

You can also currently pre-order his new album on all major music sites. The album itself will release on Friday, March 24th.

Meanwhile, listen to Thomas David’s ‘Sit On Top‘ as your Repeat Rotation Video today if you like a fun, catchy song. I think it’s one of the best songs put out by an Austrian singer I have heard.

The video is incredibly cute too. And yes, much of it was shot at 25 Hours Hotel in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, like a lot of music videos seem to be. Smart hotel that. Can only imagine how much publicity they get with all these Austrian artists and music videos they support.


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