Thorsteinn Einarsson’s ‘Kryptonite’ is a Beautiful Video But He’s Nowhere In It


I interviewed Virginia Ernst again yesterday and, during the conversation,¬†Thorsteinn Einarsson’s name came up. An Austro-Icelandic singer Virginia says she loves. And that was when I remembered I had seen¬†Einarsson’s new music video notification pop up in my YouTube feed, and I had gotten sidetracked and forgotten to click on it.

Thorsteinn Einarsson’s new single is called ‘Kryptonite‘ and while, I soon discovered, the song is beautiful, his voice is stunning and the video is nicely filmed, my only complaint with it is Einarsson does not appear in it at all. Not a good thing when, as an Austrian singer, he is so little known already.

So, I’d have to say, Thorsteinn, while I really do love the song, (and loved ‘Leya‘ too) have played it over and over, and hope it does well, maybe next time you should insist on having a video that actually features you? It would do your recognition factor a world of good.

To everyone else do, however, watch the video below. It is lovely and the song is fab.

Michelle Topham