Tickets for Conchita’s ‘so weit so gut’ tour of Germany now on sale

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Buy tickets for Conchita’s ‘so weit so gut‘ tour of Germany now

Tickets for Austrian singer Conchita‘s ‘so weit so gut ‘ tour of Germany went on sale this morning. The concerts, as the sub-title ‘Best of live 2014-2018‘ suggests, are likely to feature music from Conchita’s last four years of live performances plus, as is often the case, a few surprises.

And, if you have not seen Conchita and her band live in the past, or if you have and are still wondering if you have the money for the tickets, flights and hotels these concerts will require for many, I say sell your first born and go for it.

Because, while Conchita is always superb in performance whether on TV, radio or on album, Conchita live is a thing of beauty you must experience as many times as you can.

As it is Conchita’s energy on stage, that massive smile that constantly flashes as she does what she does so brilliantly, and that huge voice that is getting even better by the day that makes this Austrian artist so fabulous to watch.

Throw in that she tells funny stories, she’s now actually dancing and seeming to enjoy it, and that she looks so damned happy to just be on stage doing what she loves and, all I know is, the minute I heard Conchita’s ‘so weit so gut‘ tour of Germany was happening, I was online trying to figure out which concerts I could feasibly get to.

For me, it is going to be Berlin and Frankfurt, because damn and blast I’m gone for the whole month of November, or there would have been more!

For you, though, I’ll give you a quick tip. Because while every concert on Conchita’s ‘so weit so gut’ tour will be brilliant, the best deals are Köln and Stuttgart. If you can stay two nights.

That is because Conchita will be performing two back-to-back concerts in Köln, one on the 12th and one on the 13th of November, and the same in Stuttgart — the first on the 29th of November, followed by a second one on the 30th.

And so, in those cases, two concerts only warrants one round-trip airfare.

The entire concert schedule for ‘so weit so gut‘ looks like this:

so weit so gut – best of live 2014-18

22.10. – Hannover — Theater am Aegi
23.10. – Hamburg — Docks
24.10. – Berlin — Verti Music Hall 
12.11. –  Köln — E-Werk
13.11. –  Köln — E-Werk
29.11. –  Stuttgart — Theaterhaus
30.11. –  Stuttgart — Theaterhaus
10.12. –  Mannheim — Musensaal
11.12. –   Frankfurt — Batschkapp
12.12. –  Kempten — BigBox

Meanwhile, you can now buy tickets for all concerts from the link on Conchita’s website.  Now what are you waiting for?

And if you are still dithering around (and Good Heavens, what is wrong with you?), just listen to Conchita’s performance with the BBC Concert Orchestra, which aired on BBC Radio 2 last Friday night, below.

Because that is how she sounds in concert all the time. World-class beyond any questioning.

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