Tickets for Nine Inch Nails ‘Cold and Black and Infinite Tour’ only available at box office, not a great idea

Tickets for Nine Inch Nails ‘Cold and Black and Infinite Tour‘ selling only at box office

Nine Inch Nails is apparently sick and tired of how corrupt the world of ticket sales has now become. So much so, the industrial rock band has decided tickets for their upcoming ‘Cold and Black and Infinite’ tour will only be on sale at the box office of the venue they will be playing at.

That means, if you want to go to their Memphis, Tennessee concert, for instance, you will have to go to the box office of the Orpheum Theatre several months before the actual show to buy tickets.

Can’t say I would be happy about that if I was currently in the U.S., and a NIN fan.

Why Nine Inch Nails tickets selling at box office is a bad idea

After all, many people do not have the time or the money to drive several hours just to stand in a long line for tickets, and then drive all the way back.

And, while Nine Inch Nails is doing this to dissuade scalpers from buying up all the best tickets, and then re-selling them at a huge mark up, I am wondering if they remember what used to happen in the 1980s when the band got its start?

Because, before the advent of the Internet, all bands used to sell their tickets from the venue’s box office back then, and it certainly did not dissuade scalpers from buying up huge numbers of tickets. If anything, it enabled them.

Plus, while I do understand Nine Inch Nails’ whole frustration with the way concert tickets are sold, making your fans drive for hours to the venue where tickets are being sold, and then inconveniencing them for even more hours while they stand in line for tickets, is probably not the best way to maintain fans.

In 1988 maybe. In 2018, where the Internet runs music? Probably not.

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When you also add in the real possibility that, when fans arrive at the box office after driving so far and then standing in line, there may not be any more tickets available anyway, this whole thing could end up being a bit of a nightmare. For fans and NIN.

That is why my prediction is the decision to only sell NIN tickets through a box office for the ‘Cold and Black and Infinite’┬átour could end up coming back to bite NIN in the ass.

In other words, check NIN’s Twitter and Instagram accounts late in the day on Saturday, May 19th, and I guarantee you there are going to be some extremely angry and disappointed fans complaining about NIN’s new ticket sales strategy.

Where and when to buy tickets for the ‘Cold and Black and Infinite‘ tour?

If you love NIN more than life, however, and must at least try to get tickets at a concert venue’s box office, tickets for the ‘Cold and Black and Infinite‘ tour will go on sale at every venue’s box office next Saturday, May 19th.

The only exception to that rule will be for the NIN concert at Colorado’s Red Rocks, Those tickets will go on sale on Sunday the 20th May, and not at Red Rocks either, but at the Denver Coliseum Box Office.

Along with this whole weird ticket announcement, the New Nine Inch Nails EP Bad Witch is also being released on June 22nd. It will be a six-track EP, and is the third one in the band’s EP trilogy.

Meanwhile, start planning your trip to the box office of whichever Nine Inch Nails concert venue you want to go to. You can check dates in the NIN Instagram posting below.

Special Note: Don’t be too disappointed about NIN tickets being available in person only. There will be online tickets going on sale at a later date. It is just the pre-sale ones that are being sold at the box office only. Honestly.

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