Tijuana Panthers Cover The Kinks ‘Father Christmas’ and It’s Cool (Video)


Long Beach, California’s Tijuana Panthers have covered The Kinks classic ‘Father Christmas‘ along with a very cool 1970s-style video of the boys all dressed up for the occasion, and rocking.

The ‘Father Christmas‘ single originally appeared in 1977 just in time for Christmas. It was also released on the Arista compilation Come Dancing with The Kinks: The Best of The Kinks, 1977-1986 a decade later.

As for Tijuana Panthers, they are an experimental pop garage-punk trio who released their first single in 2007. Their fourth album, Poster, was released in August, 2015.

Watch and listen to their version of ‘Father Christmas‘ in the video below. Don’t you love how it sounds a bit ‘surfy’.

You can pick up the single most major commercial music sites online or on their Bandcamp account.

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