Tokio Hotel Releases Album ‘Dream Machine’, Says It’s a Soundtrack of Their Lives (Video)

German alternative pop rock band Tokio Hotel has a new album out. Called Dream Machine, it was released on the Starwatch Music label yesterday (March 3rd, 2017).

It is also an album Tokio Hotel has created almost all themselves — from writing the songs to producing them. Which is interesting, considering the band members live so far apart, with twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz living in Los Angeles and Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer living in their hometown in eastern Germany.

The band says working together, even on different continents, is not that difficult though.

“We stay in constant touch and exchange ideas. We all have the same creative vision”, said bassist Georg Listing. “We all stand behind it completely”.

Guitarist Tom Kaulitz said about the new album, “It’s always kind of like a soundtrack to our lives. We’re always hoping our album will reach people and move them, so we will be the soundtrack for someone else’s life as well. We’ll see how it works out”.

As for their move from Universal Music to Starwatch the band said, “All contracts had expired, and we really just wanted to start afresh.”

And you can’t blame them really. Because so many people think when an artist signs with a major label they will start to get a huge amount of publicity from the record label.

In reality, however, this is often not the case with the record label taking a huge cut of the artist’s income but doing little in return. In many cases, a band does even better by signing with a smaller label as they get more attention.

Watch Tokio Hotel talking about Dream Machine in the video below.

You can buy the album on most major music sites.

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