Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse Singing ‘Body and Soul’ is Incredibly Sad: Repeat Rotation Video

tony bennett amy winehouse body and soul

For my Repeat Rotation Video today, I have been listening to, and watching, a gorgeous little video from Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse. It is the two of them singing ‘Body and Soul‘, a song they recorded in 2011 for Tony Bennett’s smash hit album Duets II.

It is also one of 17 duets for the album featuring a variety of artists, including Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Norah Jones, Queen Latifah, Andrea Bocelli and this amazing rendition of ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ with Lady Gaga.

And, while Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse singing ‘Body and Soul‘ is stunning, it is a video that is also poignant and sad. Because it was the final recording Amy Winehouse ever made, as she died just four months later of alcohol poisoning at the ridiculously young age of just 27.

And what a loss of an incredible talent that will always be.

Watch Bennett and Winehouse singing ‘Body and Soul‘ in the video below, and see how delighted but shy she was while singing with him. In some scenes, she can barely even lift her eyes to look at him.

Says a lot about the way she felt about herself, it seems to me.

So very very sad.

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