Top 3 Best Pink Videos: Dancing, Acrobatics and Holy Mother of…..

pink try live


Singer Pink is incredible. There’s just about nothing she can’t do when it comes to performing. Amazing dances that a professional dancer would have a problem doing, aerial acrobatics hanging from flimsy pieces of fabric, and some of the best vocals in the business. Honestly, every time I watch a Pink video, I just think “What the hell?”

So, today I’ve chosen what I think are the top 3 best Pink videos. Videos that show off her phenomenal dancing skills, her acrobatics and, of course, her voice.

This being Pink, yes, there may definitely be some bad language (it’s Pink, she swears), but you’ll also see three of the best Pink performances in the last few years. Two of them, I have a feeling you will probably immediately agree with. The third one, who knows?

Pink’s ‘Try’

There are two versions of Pink’s ‘Try‘ that deserve to be here, so I’ll include them both. The first, of course, is the original video of ‘Try’ with Pink and her partner doing the most incredible dance moves – moves you have to keep rewinding the video to see again, as you can’t believe they just did that.

The second version is the live version Pink and her partner performed live at the AMAs in 2012. That was such a fabulous spectacle, most of the audience were on their feet during the whole song — and an audience of some of the world’s top musicians and celebrities, I might add.



Pink’s ‘Slut Like You’ (Live)

Come on, it’s ‘Slut Like You’ – a kick ass song, with some amazing lyrics and she just kills this song. And it’s a feminist song. And, yep, she rocks. And, no, she couldn’t care less what you think. And if you’re a girl, how could you not love this one?

┬áPink’s ‘Glitter in the Air’ live on the GRAMMYs

Yep, I keep bringing this one back up but it is astounding. Gorgeous vocals, she’s hanging from a sliver of fabric, dripping wet and perfectly in tune, she has an attitude that says “I’m the best thing you’ll ever see” and, god, Glitter in the Air is a beautiful song.

This should be on everyone’s lists of the top 3 Pink videos ever.

Michelle Topham