Tove Lo’s ‘Cool Girl’ Really Isn’t, She’s Just Fake (Video)

tove lo cool girl graphics

Swedish singer Tove Lo‘s new single ‘Cool Girl’ hit the Internet today and while it initially sounds sort of hip and, yep, cool, in reality the techno-laden song was written by Lo from a much darker place.

Lo says she wrote ‘Cool Girl‘ after watching the movie Gone Girl and thinking how f*cked up it was that the main character was talking about being a ‘cool girl’. A cool girl only because she had recreated herself completely to be what she thought her husband wanted when she first met him.

Lo went on to say many women do that — be a person they really aren’t, just so some guy will fall in love with them. And, yes, it’s tragic. Because how the hell are you going to keep that up for the rest of your life?

Listen to Tove Lo’s ‘Cool Girl‘ in the video below. It’s from her upcoming sophomore album (no details yet as to release date). You can pick it up on all major digital music sites.

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