Travis Japan’s ‘Road to A’ English language album out along with high-energy ’99 PERCENT’ dance video

Travis Japan doing everything they can to become global superstars

Japanese boy band Travis Japan has released an English language version of their debut album Road to A.

Their Japanese language release came out on December 20th, 2023 via Capitol Records and Universal Japan, and features 19 tracks.

The group’s English language follow up almost two months later includes the tracks from the Road to A album that were originally sung in Japanese, but now re-recorded in English.

There is also a special, and quite cool and funky, remix of their hit track ‘LEVEL UP‘ from Dutch music producer Sam Feldt as a bonus track.

Like the original Road to A album, most of the tracks on it are get-up-and-move songs that beg to be danced to.

Travis Japan releases high-energy ‘99 PERCENT‘ dance video for English version

Along with the new album, Travis Japan also released a dance video for the English version of ’99 PERCENT’,

It features a high-energy dance routine with intricate moves that reminded me of the comment former Spice Girls’ member Mel B made when the Japanese boy band auditioned for America’s Got Talent for the second time:

It’s actually complicated choreography you do, and not just moving from side to side like the Spice Girls often did.

Yep, it certainly is and, yep, they do it incredibly well.


Travis Japan’s Road to A (Global Edition)

As for the Road to A English language release — officially called the Road to A (Global Edition) — the boys had this to say about the album:

Standing for “Road to Authenticity,” the album not only continues to capture the members’ dedication to the essence of artistry and entertainment but also solidifies their desires to connect with fans all around the world as a truly Global unit.

Most of the album’s 20 tracks are available in English for the very first time, including the sweet and sensitive “So Sunday” and the sensuality-charged “99 PERCENT”

All I can say is, with the amount of effort Travis Japan and their team have put into becoming global superstars over the last couple of years, they really do deserve to make it big both inside and outside Japan.

With the fun, catchy and irresistibly upbeat and danceable music the Japanese boy band releases, it’s also about time they grabbed the international music world’s attention even more than they already have.

Watch Travis Japan’s dance video for the new English language version of their catchy hit song ‘99 PERCENT’ below, and just note how highly-skilled they are with those tricky dance moves.

Then listen to the Japanese boy band’s Road to A English language album via Spotify below that.

The album itself was officially released internationally today.

You can buy it/stream it/play on repeat on the usual platforms via these links.


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