Troye Sivan nervous on SNL singing ‘My My My’ and ‘The Good Side’

Troye Sivan nervous on SNL with ‘My My My‘ and ‘The Good Side

Popular Australian pop singer Troye Sivan got his first shot performing on Saturday Night Live last night, and the singer took the opportunity to perform his brand new single ‘The Good Side‘ live for the first time. He also sang his recently-released track ‘My My My’.

According to Sivan, ‘The Good Side‘ is about when you break up from a relationship and how one person always feels better about it than the other one.

The Good Side‘ is where that person tends to land, regretting that they hurt the person they once loved, but knowing moving on is the best choice for them. For Sivan, it is also an apology about the hurt he feels he caused an ex-boyfriend.

And, for me, Sivan’s ‘The Good Side‘ is a song you should listen to a few times before you make a decision about it. After all, I must admit, on my first listen when the track was released a few days ago, I thought it was bland.

A few listens through, however, and you will see the song is quite beautiful in its simplicity.

Sivan’s performance on Saturday Night Live of both ‘The Good Side‘ and his other new single ‘My My My‘ were both solid performances too, although it did seem he was quite a bit nervous when he kicked of his first ever¬†SNL appearance with ‘My My My‘.

At least if the flat, slightly dead vocals in the first few bars of the song were anything to go by.

Get Sivan dancing, though, and he soon settled down, as did his voice. From then on, it was smooth sailing.

Both tracks, by the way,¬† are from Troye Sivan’s as-yet-unnamed upcoming sophomore album. The follow up to his highly-successful-in-a-boatload-of-countries 2015 debut Blue Neighborhood, and an album that is likely to be equally as successful if these first two tracks are anything to go by.

Watch both performances below. Nice, eh?

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