Twenty One Pilots ‘Ride’ – Cool, Hopeful Reggae – Repeat Rotation Video

twenty one pilots ride

I’ve been playing hip hop band Twenty One Pilots’ latest single ‘Ride‘ today as my Repeat Rotation Video. It’s from the duo’s fourth studio album Blurryface and, although some say it’s a somewhat depressing song, I don’t find it to be that way at all. If anything, it’s pretty hopeful and definitely cool.

Ride‘ is the third track from Twenty One Pilots’ new album. As for genre, it’s more reggae than anything else, with a great beat and cool steel drums.

And all of that turns out to be a huge part of the song’s ability to transcend what could be incredibly depressing lyrics, as lead singer Tyler Joseph asks for help as he’s been “thinking too much”. After all, we all know how quickly that can get us into a very dark place, if not kept in check.

As ‘Ride‘ progresses, it speeds up, with the second verse being a fabulously fast reggae rap combined with some stellar drumming. Both of which keep the mood lighter, and the song hopeful, as well as one hell of a catchy track. Then we get to that final long, hoarse scream, and Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Ride‘ becomes one incredible track indeed.

Watch and listen to Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Ride‘ in the official video below, for your Repeat Rotation Video today. It’s an awesome song, and has already grabbed almost 5.5 million views on YouTube.


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