Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Rose Tinted Cheeks’ rough draft may be a bit off-key, but it’s still cool

Listen to Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Rose Tinted Cheeks

You know someone is beyond ridiculously talented when they put out a “rough draft” of a song, completely unmixed, and it’s still cooler than many other artists’ finished songs.


Case in point, Tyler, The Creator‘s just released ‘Rose Tinted Cheeks‘ rough draft video is a song that was originally written for this smash hit album Flower Boy last year.  It didn’t make it to the final cut, so it has sat in rough demo version ever since.

Until, after a superb performance at Coachella last weekend, Tyler decided now might be the time to release it. Pointing out, though, that it is still rough and still “not really mixed or anything”.

He also poked fun at his own vocals in a tweet following the ‘Rose Tinted Cheeks’ video upload, saying he would have rather had a woman sing the vocals on the song “Those vocals on the hook obvi would have been a girl who could actually sing haha,”.

Gotta love Tyler, The Creator. Talented beyond belief and still able to laugh at himself.

Listen to his ‘Rose Tinted Cheeks‘ in the video below. A bit out of tune vocals aside, it’s still a fun song.

And is it just me but, man, I love these lyrics:

Everytime i see you, you brighten up my day you’re cashmere to my cotton and i wished you felt the same.

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