Unheilig’s ‘Mein Berg’ Full of Hope and God, That Gravely Voice: Repeat Rotation Video

unheilig mein berg

German band Unheilig have rapidly become one of my favorites, since I discovered Unheilig’s collaboration with Andreas Bourani earlier in the year. They’re interesting too because their style changes so often — sometimes typical pop with a hard edge. Other times more electronic or more gothic.

Unheilig’s latest single ‘Mein Berg‘, (My Mountain) for instance, is definitely a pop ballad, but one that suits lead singer Der Graf’s gravely voice beautifully, and one that is full of hope. And, as usual with so much of Unheilig’s music, it sticks and sticks with me and won’t let go.

So, I’m listening to Unheilig’s ‘Mein Berg‘ today as my Repeat Rotation Video. And I’m suggesting you do too. Because, even if you don’t understand any German, that music and that voice should still touch you.

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