Unheilig’s ‘So Wie Du Warst’ How Fast Time Goes and How Soon We’ll Be Gone: Repeat Rotation Video

unheilig so wir du warst

Because obsessions happen to me often, I’m listening to Germany’s Unheilig again today for my Repeat Rotation Video. Unheilig’s ‘So Wie Du Warst‘ (‘The Way You Were’) to be exact, because I am pretty obsessed with this band, well, this man – Der Graf.


And ‘So wie Du warst‘ is such a beautiful song, with an equally beautiful video following an old man as he walks around a city trying to find his first love.

Don’t be afraid, I’m here for you
I’ll hold your hand, and recollect
Where did the years and days of happiness go?
They flew by; I’ll hold you tight, and reminisce
Thoughts are passing by
I’m proud of time we shared

You stay with me (*in my heart), the way you were
Always with me, the way you were
Time tells the tale, the way you were
So much of you stays here the way you were

And doesn’t that make you think about how fleeting time is and how, before very long, we’ll all be gone? Just left in memories of those still here.

Unheilig’s music is gorgeous always, but ‘So Wie Du Warst‘ is really something special.

Watch it below.