Vérité’s ‘Weekend’ is a Happy, Bubbly, Awesome Electronic Pop Dance Number: Listen


Vérité is a New York based electronic pop singer that has the most amazing sound, and one of her latest releases ‘Weekend‘ is glorious.

To me, ‘Weekend‘ sounds so European — like something you’d hear in one of the best London clubs. It’s happy, it’s bubbly, it’s got a great beat and it is a fabulous dance number.

The track is from her new EP ‘Echo‘, which you can grab on iTunes.

Vérité has been producing music for quite a while now, but has never hit it particularly big (which is so surprising, with a voice this great).

Recently, however, she teamed up with Sara Bareilles, her of ‘Brave‘ fame, and I’m guessing this could be the start of something very big for her. Let’s hope so, as her voice is far too good not to be noticed.

To see what I mean, listen to Vérité singing ‘Weekend‘ in the Soundcloud file below. Isn’t that just the coolest thing?

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