Virginia Ernst’s Career Taking Off in a Big Way with New Single Produced by Steve Power

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On a trip to Vienna last month, I was privileged to be able to interview Austrian singer Virginia Ernst for the second time in just a few months. It’s an exciting time for her as she is releasing a new single next month, as well as working on her debut album. It was also fascinating for me, as I love to see how fast Virginia Ernst’s career is progressing since the last time I met her, how focused she is on her music, and to hear her talk about her plans for the future.

When I spoke to the 25-year-old singer, she was midway through entering into an agreement with a famous English producer who would be producing her new single. At the time she told me she couldn’t yet say who it was, but last week she announced on her Instagram account her new single would be produced by Steve Power, known for the five record-setting albums he produced for British singer Robbie Williams. Exciting news indeed.

At last month’s meeting, she went on to tell me, “My next single will be international. That’s my big goal. To get international. My last release was May last year, and for the rest of 2015 I was doing live concerts and being on stage, but I wasn’t producing that much. I wasn’t in the studio that often. But right now I’m doing doing doing. I started to write songs again two months ago, and I already have 10 new songs. It’s like my whole lifestyle changed a lot in the last year.”

And what’s interesting about this new lifestyle is how she also seems to have entered one of the most positive periods of her life so far. A period in which everything she is working on is going well for her, and one in which she is finding herself connecting to just the people she needs in her life at this juncture of her career.

“Now, I’m meeting so many people who are just happy in their lives. And that is making me so happy in my life, which is then pulling even more positive people to me.”

She then went on to tell me a cute story about what had happened to her the previous day, while she was sitting on the steps of Stephansplatz in Vienna, just listening to some music on headphones, and waiting for a friend.

“Suddenly a bunch of girls came and sat next to me. They were around 17 years old, and were from Turkey, and just in Vienna for a few days. And they were looking at me the whole time, and really smiling.  Then one girl said “Can we take a picture together? And I was like “Pardon me”. And she asked again. And I asked “Why?” But they couldn’t explain why because their English wasn’t very good, so I said “Sure”. Then even their teacher came and took a picture with me.

And I was wondering, why is this happening? Because I’m famous in Austria but not usually outside except for sometimes in Germany and Switzerland. But in Turkey? No.

And I was talking to my Mom about it and she said “You know, people that are like you are now, in a good place in their lives, they have this vibe, and you don’t even have to know that this person is famous or making music, you just get this vibe of good energy. And so you want to talk to them. And that’s why that happened to you.”

And it happens to me a lot now. I’m just walking down the street, and people come up to me and talk to me, but they have no idea who I am. They just talk to me, and I love it”.

Which then moved us onto the subject of people’s energy, and I mentioned to Virginia that, like her, when I first meet someone I immediately pick up a sense of their energy. If it’s positive or negative. As it is often a good indicator of what kind of person they are, and of how their life is going at that particular point in time.

So, of course, like anyone would, she asked “What did you think about me when you first met me?”

Which was easy to answer, as I remember the first few seconds of meeting her and what a truly strong impression of her I immediately had.

“I thought you were so positive, and friendly. All happy and smiling, and not remotely nervous. And the only reason I say that is because I recently met two other Austrian celebrities, and my initial sense of them was that they were both a little nervous with me at first. You were my third Austrian celebrity, so I wondered if you were going to be nervous too. But you weren’t. In fact the first time I met you, you were really confident, with a big, easy smile and a firm handshake”.

“Yeah, that’s me” she said, “I really try to be that person.” (And, let me tell you, she succeeds very very well).

Because she is feeling so positive about everything she is currently working on too, it is not only drawing people to her, but it is also impacting her future plans in a very good way.

“My whole team changed recently, and it is working really well. We already have several concerts organized this year, and we are planning a little tour in the UK. We will release my new single in April, but in two waves. At first we will release it in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Then, for the second wave, we’ll start by releasing it in the UK..”

She went on to explain about why she feels things are going so well at the moment. “I’m just so focused now. I’m really into my music, really into my health. I do sports and I organize my life just right. Because, you fall down in life a lot of times, and I did that before, and so now it’s time for something else.

I left Austria when I was 17 and I had a career in hockey. And back then I knew how it was to lose, not just in hockey but with other things as well. And I learned how to take it, and how to look for a solution to any problem, and that’s something I definitely do now. Deal with the problem. That way I’m not pushing it away, and then it comes back to me five years later and I have to deal with it then.

I think that experience of being out on my own so young also made me a hard worker. I work hard at my job, and I work hard at my relationships. But it benefits me. And I like that.”

And I would definitely say Virginia Ernst knows herself very well, which is quite remarkable for someone still so young. Because both times I have met her I have been struck by how upbeat and friendly she is, and so full of good energy, but also by how remarkably mature and focused she seems to be. And by how sure she is of what she wants and where she is going.

Virginia Ernst’s new single is due out in April.

Over the next few weeks, she is recording the track and will then begin work on creating a “new and unique video” for it. Look out for both, as this young woman has a massive career ahead of her, and it would be a shame to miss any part of it.

Until then watch one of Virginia Ernst’s recent music videos below. Called ‘Soldier‘ it’s one of my favorites.

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