Virginia Ernst’s ‘If Not Tonight’ Will Still Be In Your Head Hours After You First Hear It (Video)

virginia ernst if not tonight

When I last spoke to Austrian singer Virginia Ernst a couple of months ago, she was excited about the upcoming release of her new single. A song called ‘If Not Tonight‘, and one that is a huge step forward for her, as the song was produced by legendary record producer Steve Power, and the track master was recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London.


So when I woke up today, and saw a notification in my email box that Virginia Ernst’s new single had just been released in Austria and Germany, it was the first thing I listened to before I even got out of bed.

After all, it’s not every day an Austrian singer releases a song with such iconic people and places behind it.

But, when you first hear ‘If Not Tonight‘, it’s immediately easy to see why it’s not surprising Virginia Ernst is now getting the big opportunities that she is.

Because, like much of Virginia Ernst’s music, if you think her latest release is just a radio-friendly pop song, you only scratch the surface of what she and her music is all about.

Look a bit deeper though and along with the cool and fun video for the song, which was released at the same time as the single, you will soon realize ‘If Not Tonight’ is a cleverly written track.

That’s because it has both a strong hook and a memorable melody that burrow themselves in your head to such an extent that, hours after hearing the song, you’ll still be humming along.

And, if you watch the official video for the track, you’ll find out a little more about Virginia Ernst as well. As, even though it makes fun of speed dating and the people who do it, it is never done in a mean or cruel way, because that’s not her.

Instead, we get a light-hearted and funny look at what people sometimes go through when it comes to trying to find the right romantic partner. As well as the idea that, male or female, it’s not the gender you are that’s important when it comes to falling in love, but instead it all boils down to the person you are.

And isn’t that how it should be?

Now watch the official video for Virginia Ernst’s ‘If Not Tonight‘ below, and listen to that fabulously catchy song. Then pick it up on one of the major digital music sites. I think this one is going to be a big hit.