Virginia Ernst’s #WEARE World Women’s Day Starke Stimmen — Starke Frauen concert, Sunday March 8th, Vienna

Virginia Ernst — copyright Ben leitner 

Austrian singer songwriter Virginia Ernst, in collaboration with Radio Wien, is presenting her third annual World Women’s Day concert this coming weekend.

This time at the Sofiensäle concert hall in Vienna on Sunday March 8th.


This year’s theme is ‘#WEARE Starke Stimmen — Starke Frauen‘ (#WEARE Strong Voices, Strong Women), and features a massive list of some of the best female singers, musicians and artists in the region.

Virginia Ernst presents the World Women’s Day #WEARE Starke Stimmen — Starke Frauen concert

Several years ago, Virginia Ernst decided it was time women in the entertainment industry in Austria were brought together to celebrate World Women’s Day.

Not only to support girls and women around the world dealing with all kinds of unequal treatment in our still male-dominated world, but also to support other women in the music industry.

And to demand all women are given the same rights that men often take for granted.

In the music industry for instance, not only in Austria but worldwide, women are given fewer recording contracts than men, often paid less, promoted less and are generally at a disadvantage to their male counterparts in all aspects of the entertainment world.

(**This is my special note and not Virginia Ernst’s, but you only have to look at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards to see how few women are promoted or awarded every year, compared to the huge list of male artists, to see how unequal the treatment of women in Austria often still is in the music industry in 2020).

This unequal treatment was just one of the many reasons Ernst decided a World Women’s Day concert was in order.

An annual concert that she plans on growing every year, until it is one of the biggest music events in Europe. An annual concert that promotes women, and every wonderful thing about us.

In 2020, Ernst is again building on her first concert back in 2018 with a superb line-up of female artists.

Artists that will put on one of the best evenings of entertainment you have experienced in a while.

The #WEARE World Women’s Day Starke Stimmen — Starke Frauen concert line-up

This year’s World Women’s Day concert features an amazing line-up:

Special Guest — German singer, actress and TV personality Jeanette Biedermann

Austrian cabaret artist, actress and TV presenter Verena Scheitz

Romania born, Austria based singer songwriter Christiana Uikiza

Austrian singer songwriter Eva K. Anderson

Austrian jazz and gospel singer Karin Bachner

Austrian singer songwriter Simone Kopmajer

Austrian music cabaret duo KERNÖLAMAZONEN

Austrian pop/jazz/world music trio The Schick Sisters

Austrian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist GuGabriel

Austrian singer/actress (and author)  Erika Pluhar

Singer and DJane Mel Merio

Radio Wien’s program director Jasmin Dolati will be the host for the evening.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the charity Licht Ins Dunkel, and specifically their programs that help girls and women. (More information here).

Tickets can be purchased for the World Women’s Day #WEARE Starke Stimmen — Starke Frauen concert at oeticket.

The concert is being held at the Sofiensäle, Vienna on Sunday March 8th at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm.

You can find out more about the concert and the female artists participating in it on the World Women’s Day website.

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