Warpaint’s ‘New Song’ is fun, happy and my Repeat Rotation Video today

Warpaint’s ‘New Song‘ is fun, happy and my Repeat Rotation Video today

I’ve been obsessing over LA-based all-woman indie rock band Warpaint‘s ‘New Song‘ today, and have had the music video on ‘Play’ half of the day as today’s Repeat Rotation Video. Primarily because I love Emily Kokal’s voice and drummer Stella Mozgawa is always something special.

Warpaint’s ‘New Song‘ is from their 2016 album Heads Up, which was released last September on Rough Trade Records  It was the third studio album for the band, and was generally liked by music critics.

It hit the number 1 spot in New Zealand on that country’s Heatseekers Albums chart and charted in the top 200 in 11 other countries. Really not bad at all for an indie band that are nowhere near as well known as they should be.

Watch Warpaint’s ‘New Song‘ video below as your Repeat Rotation Video today.  It has the women bopping around LA dancing and generally messing around, and is just so lovely and happy.

You can buy the album it comes from now.

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