Watch 2NE1’s CL Perform ‘Lifted’ on James Corden — Awesome (Video)


As K-pop singers are now almost as popular in America as they are in Asia, it probably shouldn’t have been any surprise to see 2NE1‘s CL on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night. But, for me, it still was. After all, come on, it’s America, and we all know U.S. TV isn’t always up on what’s happening in the rest of the world.

James Corden, however, apparently is (well, he’s British, you know). So much so 2NE1’s CL was rumored to be showing up on his show weeks ago, because Corden understood just exactly how huge she was going to be. And, last night, finally, there she was.

And, when CL did show up on the show she, of course, gave a fabulous performance of ‘Lifted‘ because, as all we K-pop fans know, Korean singers really do know their stuff when it comes to singing live.

Something CL proved again last night when half of her awesomely choreographed performance took place slap bang in the middle of the audience, some of the rest of it included Corden himself, and CL dancing with a slew of break dancers, and she absolutely rocked all of it.

Watch CL on James Corden in the video below, and enjoy just how incredible she is. Yep, she’s going to be as big of a star in America as she is in Korea. Guaranteed.

As for ‘Lifted‘, you can buy it now

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