Watch Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’ Video feat. Iselin Solheim — Going Viral?

alan walker sing me to sleep

Alan Walker had such a huge hit with ‘Faded‘ last year, all he has to do now is release a new video and that goes viral as well.

Case in point, Alan Walker’s video for ‘Sing Me To Sleep‘ feat. Iselin Solheim.

It went up on YouTube an hour ago and already has over 89,000 views. As ‘Faded‘ has ended up with over 350 million views, and counting, I’m guessing this new one will get more than it’s fair share as well.

Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised as it is a beautiful song — all light, and ethereal and sweet.

As for the ‘Sing Me To Sleep‘ it was filmed in Hong Kong, and follows the usual hooded figure as he walking around the city ( Walker seems to be taking his last name literally),

The vocals for ‘Sing Me To Sleep‘ are sung again by┬áIselin Solheim, as they were in ‘Faded‘, and the fact that you only learn her name if you dig down into the credits to find out who is singing is the only thing I don’t like about Alan Walker, as it seems more than just a bit egotistical to me.

After all, half of the success of ‘Faded‘, and likely ‘Sing Me To Sleep‘ as well, is because of Solheim, but you really have to dig to find out who she is. Shame.

Now watch Walker’s ‘Sing Me To Sleep‘ video below. I love it.


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