Watch Alessia Cara’s ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ Remixes – Luca Schreiner, NOTD, Cages, Joe Mason, recycle Jordan


Canadian singer songwriter Alessia Cara released an EP of ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ remixes  on October 21st. The EP consists of five tracks — with remixes by Luca Schreiner, NOTD, Cages, Joe Mason, and recycle Jordan.

The five remixes have been uploaded to Alessia Cara’s YouTube channel today so, if you have not had the chance to listen to them yet, here they are.

Personally, I am quite partial to the Luca Schreiner remix and to the one done by Cages, as they are both awesome electronic dance numbers, but all five tracks are lovely jobs.

Listen to all five in the official videos below.

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