Watch American Authors Perform ‘Pride’ Live on ‘Ellen’ — They’re Fabulous (Video)

american authors pride live on ellen

Indie folk rock band American Authors appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘ today where they performed their newest single ‘Pride‘. The track is from the band’s upcoming second studio album What We Live For, and it’s the second time American Authors has appeared on ‘Ellen‘ in just a few months.

And it’s not surprising Ellen invited them back. After all, they give a great live performance, as the band demonstrated today with ‘Pride‘, a track that has a lovely African-style beat mixed with a folk rock vibe and cool banjos, and was beautifully sung by lead singer Zac Barnett.

And can I just say American Authors‘ ‘Pride‘ could very well be my favorite song of the last few months.

It’s catchy, one of those great songs that worms its way into your head from the first few seconds you hear it and then keeps popping out to remind you how cool it is, and is such a typically upbeat American Authors song, it makes you feel great every time you listen to it.

Plus you’ve got to love the lyric lines “I fell hard for the wine in France. I didn’t call you back, because I was learning to dance”

And, of course, the lines that deliver the message of the entire track — “I’m never giving up, I’m never giving up, I’m never giving up my pride. I’m never letting go, I’m never ever, I’m never ever gonna sell my soul”.

Now watch American Authors performing ‘Pride‘ on ‘Ellen‘ today, and then tell me that track isn’t just one of the coolest things you’ve heard all year.

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