Watch American Authors’ ‘What We Live For’ Lyrics Video — Cool Song, Fun Video


What We Live For is American Authors‘ upcoming second album due to be released in May, and today the indie rock band released the lyrics video for the title track. And, yep, as you probably expected, the track is fabulous.

Because American Authors are making a name for themselves as a band that produces some incredibly catchy, radio-friendly songs. Songs like Best Day of My Life from their debut album, which was a big hit for the band in 2013, and ‘Pride‘ from their sophomore album.

The pop rock ‘What We Live For’, of course, is no exception with its happy and very danceable beat, a melody that will worm its way into your head, and just a fun feel to the whole thing, it makes you kind of happy that American Authors really does seem to be taking off (as they sing), in a big way.

Watch the lyrics video for ‘What We Live For‘ below and, if you love it like I do, pre-order its name sake album now. It releases on May 13th.

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